December Poetry & Beer Featuring: Lorin Elizabeth & Rachel Calleja

Join us on Tuesday, December 8th for Poetry and Beer! Our featured poets will be Lorin Elizabeth and Rachel Calleja on their US tour all the way from Australia. Open Mic and your last chance to qualify for our ABQ Slams Women of the World Championship on December 12th. Don’t miss it!

A Poem by Sergio Méndez Aguirre

Llego a esta tierra, Seca, amarga, Cubierta con espera. Espera, mi lengua no prospera. Mi lengua no es entera. Deja, que fluya por la tierra. Dulce, la sangre de mis venas. Llego a esta tierra, Con esperanzas de lograr alguna meta. Sin esperar que la tierra me encarcela, Seca, amarga. Quisiera sacar toda la hierba. […]

Final Friday! Featuring: Joaquin Zihuatanejo and Natasha Carrizosa

Don’t miss our special featured poets this month! Joaquin and Natasha are a touring duo from Texas and have stomped all over this world performing their poetry. International, National, and Regional Slam Champs, Joaquin and Natasha put on an amazing show! Open Mic and Slam sign up at 6:30. Show at 7. Winning Coffee Co. […]

Loboslam Presents: The Costume Slam

Join us at Winning Coffee on October 21st as Loboslam Presents: The Costume Slam! Celebrate Halloween with some poetry! Come dressed up and read some work by your favorite dead poet! Open Mic and Poetry Slam! Starts at 7 PM. Click here for the Facebook!

Matthew Brown Wins Lit Slam, Performs on Finals Stage: Bar Fight & Earthquake Ensues

Friday night, Albuquerque Poetry Slam squared off against Denver Mercury, DADA, Slamageddon, and Dallas Poetry Slams in the 4th semifinal bout of the National Poetry Slam in Oakland, California. Denver would advance to the finals, with DADA, Slamageddon, and ABQ Slams within a point of first place. The next night, UNM and former youth prodigy, […]

Albuquerque Poetry Slam Advances to Semi-Finals

Oakland, Ca: The Metro Opera House sounds like a classy venue, and it is classy. . . in a punk rock sort of way. The room looked like a fight club and pitted 3 of the top 10 teams in a brutal slam full of wack judges, incredible poetry, heightened emotions, and extreme sweaty heat. […]

Albuquerque Poetry Slam Takes the ‘1’

After hard-fought slam at Shadow Lounge in Oakland California, ABQ Slams takes first place in the first preliminary against Seattle, Slam Free or Die, and Olympia. Albuquerque is ranked 6th overall and 1st place in group piece rankings. The team goes up against Austin, TX; Suffern, NY; and Nuyorican NY,NY on Thursday night. You can […]

Final Friday Featuring: The Albuquerque Poetry Slam Team

Don’t miss our send-off show! Your last chance to see the team in action before driving to Oakland, California for the National Poetry Slam! Plus, our Qualifying Slam for the City Championship and the Open Mic! Hosted by Jazz Cuffee Sign-up at 6:45 and show at 7:30 Winning Coffee Co. 111 Harvard Dr SE Albuquerque, […]