Friday night, Albuquerque Poetry Slam squared off against Denver Mercury, DADA, Slamageddon, and Dallas Poetry Slams in the 4th semifinal bout of the National Poetry Slam in Oakland, California.

Denver would advance to the finals, with DADA, Slamageddon, and ABQ Slams within a point of first place.

The next night, UNM and former youth prodigy, Matthew Brown, took honors for the best-written poem, “José.” Matthew performed the first poem of the Championship round before a sold out crowed at the Scottish Rite Center and received a standing ovation.

The final round had The House Slam of Boston, in first place; Hawaii Slam in 2nd; Berkeley Poetry Slam in 3rd; and Denver Mercury in 4th.

Albuquerque Poetry Slam would finish an unofficial 16th place overall.

In unrelated-but-related-to-poetry news: Protestors shut down Interstate and fight the cops with burning furniture, crazy hotel manager screams at crazy non-poet guest for hours, fistfight breaks out at the NPS after-party, and a 4.0 Earthquake hits the Bay only an hour after the Albuquerque Poetry Slam Team narrowly escapes California in one piece.

It was a craaaazy ride, folks.

It’s been surreal.


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