Greetings everyone!

The 16th Annual Southwest Shootout Regional Poetry Slam Championship Is coming to Albuquerque, NM!

Friday & Saturday, August 9th & 10th.

Registration for teams is $200 & Individual Registration is $40.

1st – 4th Place prizes will be a tiered split of total team registration fees. Registration will be capped at 16-20 teams.

Individual Grand Prize is Winner-Take-All of total indie registration fees.

Team bouts will be either 3X4, 4X4, or 4X5 depending on # of registered teams.

3X4 & 4X4 Bouts will follow National Poetry Slam Prelims Bout Rotation Rules.
4X5 Bouts will follow National Poetry Slam Semifinal Bout Rotation Rules.

Preliminary Team Bouts will be held Friday evening.
A separate Indie Preliminary Slam will be held after Team Bouts.

Finals will be 7:30 PM, Saturday August 10th, @ The Outpost Performance Space.

We’ll also have a couple day events, Nerd Slam & Haiku Deathmatch, on Saturday afternoon @ 1PM, Tractor Brewing Wells Park.

We’re forgoing a host hotel, but you can find many affordable hotels, hostels, & BBs online. Slams will be held Downtown & in the University Area, if you’d like to book close to the action.

Here’s the link for Registration.

Last note, we’re looking for anyone who’d be interested in Emceeing or Bout Managing, so let me know if you’d like.

Please get in touch with me by email at if you have any questions.

Many thanks and hope to see you all in Albuquerque in August.

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